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Monday, October 1, 2012

Camping Trips 2012

'Tis the season for camping!  After 3 camping trips over the summer I was happy to be parking the trailer and tucking her in for the year!  Although these trips were tons of work we enjoyed many memories together. 

Camping trip #1 We headed down to Big Rock Candy Mountain for a family reunion.  Thank goodness it was warm because the wind was crazy!

We brought the paddle boat with us to the lake.  The wind was so strong that the sand blowing on our legs BURNED!  Needless to say, the paddle boat stayed in the back of the truck and we survived the lake for maybe 30 minutes. 

A few miles away from the campsite was a Native American Museum and amazing hyroglyphics along the mountains.  The kids actually really enjoyed the experience!

Halle and Bailee just a tad dirty.
My sweet little cousin Josiah spent hours with Trey teaching him how to fish.
The campsite was along the rapids.  A little scary with the kiddos but fun where the water was slower.  A group of us rented some rafts and took a ride down the water.  Probably the funnest time we had on the whole trip.  Sorry no picks of that...too busy having a blast!
2 years ago Uncle Scotty began a tradition of doing a trade blanket.  One for the kids and one for the adults.  It got pretty intense this year!  The adults were busting out ipads, tomtoms, and treasured items they've purchased around the world...seeing if they could trade them for something better.  Wow.  I've discovered I can't compete with this one.
Camping trip #2 We went on our annual camping trip with the Riggs family to Palisades State Park.  The Greer's also joined us for one night, which definately added to the fun.
Lots of fun in the water! 


S'more's over the grill due to the fire restriction.

Ahhhhhhhh!  Nash and Mia.  Those two little stinkers were so dang cute!  Other than Nash grabbing her face all the time they got along so well.  Not to mention what troopers!  They were hauled back and forth to the beach, cooped up in the playpen, etc.  So adorable!

Since we were there over Pioneer Day Amanda and I did a couple fun activities with the kids.  I did a Pioneer treasure hunt and Amanda did fudge in a bag.

Damon's favorite part of camping.

And the photo session before we went home. 

Camping trip #3  We spent the weekend at Payson Lakes with Damon's family.  As usual, we spent our time playing games, sitting around, and entertaining kids.  Poor Nashy was confined to his highchair and wagon the majority of the time because of all the dirt.  I finally caved and let him on the ground and to my amazement...he wasn't really interested.

The uncles took advantage of the outdoor time and helped the scout-age boys earn some badges.  Color me impressed!